Wednesday, September 20, 2023

<6/26/2022> I am happy to announce that DMSG has brought on a salaried contractor to illustrate and design dialectical materialism comix for us, as well as work on other artistic projects for us going forwards. This artist has already designed many things for us, has a track record of being timely in his projects, and displays a great deal of skill, hence our excitement for bringing him onboard. The project entails translating dialectical materialism into visual media, using graphs and metaphors to illustrate points that might otherwise be lost on people, and simplifying a relatively complex philosophy. We are using Josef Stalin’s book on Dialectical Materialism as inspiration for the comics, given Stalin’s great ability in translating verbose, obtuse academic material into a book that proletarians can read. This is for several reasons, but mainly has to do with the fact that the average attention span of an American, as of 2013, was eight seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. The American attention span has been at least one second less than that of a goldfish since 2013, and in creating enjoyable comics to make dialectical materialism more appealing to explore and read about, we hope to better spread Dialectical Materialism.

Two members of DMSG have volunteered to work with the contractor on the creation of the comix and our total manhours we can contribute to this project are a conservative estimate of 200 hours per month. We will be dividing Stalin’s book up into different chapters, that focus on different segments of the philosophy, and will release a chapter periodically at the time of its review and approval by DMSG. Projects going forwards after the completion of this will be announced in short order, to best make use of our contractor’s time and talents. As proletarians focused on the mass-market appeal and distribution of philosophical comics, there will be revisions made to the materials we use from time to time to better make it relevant to today and more easily understandable in comix form. Updates on the project will be posted here.

Those interested in reading Stalin’s book on dialectical materialism can find it here. While Stalin’s book has room for improvement and updating, it overall is considered the Holy Book of DMSG right now. This is what we consider to be our main religious text, and in reading it, you’ll come to appreciate Dialectical Materialism far better.

EDITOR NOTE: Project has temporarily been sidelined as assets have been reallocated to other ventures. We expect to continue with this eventually, but for now, funding will be used on pursuing more rewarding objectives.

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