Tuesday, September 19, 2023


Affirmative Action : the process by which institutions discriminate against people based on race and gender, in order to promote some people with intangible characteristics over others in society, with the aim of making such a society more equal – somehow. White people have had to deal with the disadvantages of this system for more than half a century, being mostly silent about it in fear of being called racist because most white people are cucks. In a shocking turn of events, Asians have recently had to deal with being hurt by affirmative action, being called racists and extremists for questioning the fairness of such a system. Interestingly, the most financially successful group in America has yet to face any discrimination because of it.

Aggregate Conservatism : the belief that due to conservatism embracing time-tested values and concepts, it works well on aggregate scales where differences in individuals are muted to the extent that the exceptions to the rule vanish. Oftentimes, an argument made in support of liberal causes begins with, “Well, I know an X and they aren’t so bad,” when in reality if you expose these people to statistics, you can prove that banning X would reduce suicides, self-harm, pedophilia, and so on. DMSG recognizes that Aggregate Conservatism has been adopted across many top-down states for this reason, where statistics are more readily available for decision-makers.

America : the wealthiest country since 1861, America is a powerful country that has dominated the globe for close to two centuries. Originally a British colony, America outgrew its parent, the most powerful global empire the world had ever seen, in less than a century, giving its citizens a plethora of rights and privileges that no other citizens in the world experienced for decades and centuries. America has been through its ups and downs, being the foremost pioneer in technology, science, industry, and finance for almost two centuries. America has had a healthy middle class throughout the last century, fostered by what were once the most powerful unions and most progressive labor laws in the world, and which enabled a culture of free market innovation that produced unparalleled results. Due to mass immigration, the premiums that employers have spent on their laborers has declined precipitously, to the point that young people today have a small fraction of the tangible wealth that their counterparts in the 1950’s had. In addition to this, corporations and the movement towards non-profit of infrastructural industries has created a cannibalistic capitalism is America where necessities of life in the industrial age cost enough that it strips people of their ability to consume and produce more American children. America is approaching a crisis unmatched in history, beset by degenerated liberalism and progressive forces subverted by global capital, run by a government controlled by corporate puppets. It is DMSG’s mission to counter this trend and restore America to the glory its people have worked long and hard to earn.

Atheist Apotheosis : the belief of some DMSG members that the highest goal in our lives is to clone our consciousness onto machines and secure immortality. The big driving factor here is that in increasing our cognitive capacities so exponentially, while allowing us to think far faster and access far more information than we ever could’ve otherwise, we can figure out way more things and live out our lives how we want. Consciousness isn’t exclusive to humans, and our minds shouldn’t be bound to existing within frail bodies, burdened by biological limitations.

Bellcurve : for some strange reason, international borders firmly establish the normal ranges of IQ for people from different groups, While DMSG has yet to investigate why international borders have this strange effect on people, it seems that even after leaving that country, people still retain IQs usually within the probable ranges from those countries and the effects are often passed down to these peoples’ children. The effects these international borders have on people are immense, with the average IQ in Equatorial Guinea being 59, while the average IQ in Japan is 106. Due to the strange effects that international borders have on peoples’ intelligences, DMSG believes that some countries are almost handicapped by these effects in their industrial development. Due to this, DMSG advocates for the abolition of Israel’s borders.

Bourgeois Liberalism : a term DMSG uses to refer to the natural trend in societies for liberal values to emerge among the bourgeois, who due to their wealth can indulge in greater degrees of hedonism than the rest of the population. This is because the costs of these freedoms are very rarely borne by the wealthy, and the dregs and degenerates in wider society that subscribe to these beliefs often produce only negative externalities for the proletarians around them. An example of this could be found in needle exchanges, where working-class people have to step over used heroin needles on their way to work.

Blanquist-“Leninism” : a term used in place of Marxism-Leninism, that points out the Blanquist elements in the ideology after it failed to win any elections and after Stalin appointed enough people to sway to party’s electorate in his favor, which with the quotation marks around Leninism allude to the fact that Blanquist-“Leninism” has been endlessly revised to the point that it bears no resemblance to the original ideology.

Broletarians : a socialist who goes to the gym on a regular basis, who is not afraid of his masculinity, and is working class. Broletarians can be identified by their more conservative social views, mixed with a greater appreciation for syndicalism, while recognizing the fundamental differences between men and women. A broletarian does not suffer from the delusions of grandeur that Blanquist-Leninists do, often simply wanting to better society so they can better their own lives. Broletarians are rare in the socialist movement today, but as economic conditions continue to make the promises of socialism resound louder and louder throughout the working classes of society, we will be joined in time by more of us.

Bulletzer Prize : the highest honor and prize that a journalist can receive in their field is the Bulletzer Prize, which unlike other prizes, is rewarded on a combination of serious investigative skills, bravery, and the unbridled pursuit of the truth at all costs. The Bulletzer Prize is almost awarded to candidates anonymously by government agencies or other bourgeois forces, and comes in the form of headshots, car bombs, stabbings, and poisonings. Occasionally, when the persecution becomes high-profile enough, the awarding institutions will seek to simply imprison and isolate the Bulletzer award candidate, as has happened with Julian Assange. The Bulletzer Prize is, unlike all other prizes issued in the field of journalism, not sought after by the journalists who receive it, yet marks that each of its recipients stack up far beyond the rest of their peers, being too dangerous or inconvenient to let live for the powers that be. A notable example is Daphne Galizia, who died shortly after publishing the Panama Papers due to a bomb that went off inside her car.

Capicucks : a capicuck is a stubbornly capitalist cuck, that endorses a system that has given him or her nothing. Capicucks are the pending millionaires of America, who will never quite see their fantasies made manifest, and who often don’t have a very sophisticated view of economics. More often than not, the desire for a capicuck to be rich greatly outweighs the conditions they find themselves in right now, with the indignities they face on a daily basis being a cost they’re more than happy to burden proletarians with once they inevitably make their fortunes. Much like Blanquist-Leninists, Capicucks are more often than not NEETs and losers, and much in line with Blanquist-Leninists, Capicucks similarly do not care for the working class and their political views revolve solely around becoming the powerful, grandiose exception in their preferred system..

Classical Liberalism : Classical liberalism is a political philosophy that emphasizes the need for individual freedom, limited government, and free markets. The philosophy was first articulated by thinkers such as John Locke and Adam Smith in the 17th and 18th centuries. Classical liberalism has had a profound impact on Western societies, helping to shape the Industrial Revolution and the development of modern capitalism. DMSG’s current members are all classical liberals that, as they read more and more, realized capitalism was becoming increasingly outdated in a society that required more and more of people, which could only be solved through things like socialized education. At DMSG, we like to think that we aren’t socialists by choice, but rather out of necessity.

Constructivism : Constructivism is a learning theory that focuses on the learner’s ability to construct knowledge. This means that learners are actively involved in creating their own understanding of what they are learning, rather than passively receiving information from a teacher or other source. The constructivist approach emphasizes hands-on and experiential learning, as well as collaboration and social interaction among students. There are three core concepts behind constructivism: mental models, schema (or cognitive structures), and scaffolding. Mental models refer to the way we understand the world around us based on our prior experiences and beliefs. Schema help us organize new information by fitting it into existing frameworks in our minds. Scaffolding refers to the support that teachers or more experienced peers can provide to help learners acquire new skills or knowledge – for example, by breaking down tasks into smaller steps, providing clear instructions, or offering feedback along the way. Constructivism determines how people come to challenge and develop new ideas, and when looked at from an aggregate scale, shows how cultural values evolve over time to reflect the similar experiences of people in the same circumstances.

Cucks : a cuck, according to the quite literal definition, is someone who takes pleasure in another person having sex with their partner. Cuckoldry abounds in America, in both the liberal and conservative camps, and can usually be identified by the question, “why aren’t they more pissed off about that?” When a white liberal in San Francisco who has a master’s in computer science has to attend a diversity meeting at Google, where they demean white people all day, that’s an example of someone being cucked. Similarly, when Trump gave a certain community half a trillion dollars in business development aid and received hardly any votes in return for essentially doling out white tax dollars to other communities, that was an example of a cuck cucking both themselves and their supporters. In general, a cuck goes against their own interests, taking a loss in the process, of either dignity or money.

Communism : Communism is… well, funny enough, who knows? Not even the community of self-described communists can create a clear definition on it, but the general idea is that communism exists in a post-scarcity society, in which everyone has their needs met, where private property is abolished and where everyone is equal. Socialists descending from the Marxist-Leninism germ strain consider the socialist state to be a transitional stage, often from feudalism to communism, while anarchists consider the abolition of the state to be the best way to achieve communism. The truth is that both these sides are wrong, because leftists are retards, and Marx actually thought that communism would evolve out of the General Rate of Profit declining in capitalist society, post-scarcity would eventually be achieved through the development of the means of production under capitalism, and that over time, communism would arise out of material conditions, rather than political movements. Marx is not the only communist to ever exist and there are countless others with their own ideas about the world, but Marx’s ideas caught on more than anyone else’ due to his work on Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism, as well as Marx’s work on scientific socialism. DMSG is not a Marxist or Communist group, but we do greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism continue to provide.

Conservacucks : conservacucks are conservatives who vote against their interests and behave in ways that hurt themselves. An example of this can be seen in the abortion bans throughout red states, where the results of abortion bans would be more minorities that overwhelmingly vote democrat having more children. Another example of conservacucks could be found in how the conservative apparel company “Lions Not Sheep” tore off “made in China” labels, replacing them with “made in America” labels, in order to appeal more to their customers and save on costs.

Conspiracy Theorist : while everyone is familiar with the term, it’s interesting to think about how expansive and encompassing this term actually is in the modern politics of America. If you cite documents released by the CIA about their involvement in sketchy things in the past, it’s possible to be called a conspiracy theorist but you wouldn’t be one, because the mark of a true conspiracy theorist is established in supporting unsubstantiated claims. Flat Earthers are a great example of conspiracy theorists, as are liberals that believe in white privilege, as are conservacucks that believe in QAnon, and as are feminists that believe in the patriarchy.

Corpocucks : adding onto our wide range of terms revolving around cucks, Corpocucks are people who cuck out to corporations. This can usually be seen in people who have to have the latest model of every electronic, people who obsess over brands to the point of financial penalty, and last but not least, people that buy into the political pandering of corporations like Nike. A corpocuck can also have neoliberal views, that often result in them being against unions, socialism, and other concepts that disrupt the ruthless extraction of wealth by corporations.

Crazy Racists’ Theory : referred to more commonly as Critical Race Theory, Crazy Racists’ Theory is a theory developed by progressives in academia that believe microaggressions are on par with the holocaust and that all white people are evil. People that subscribe to Crazy Racists’ Theory can never answer questions like, “if white people are so evil why’d you move here,” “why am I responsible for the actions of someone I vaguely resembled several centuries ago,” and the ultimate, “if I’m so privileged then why am I poor?” In academia, especially in the social sciences where academic rigor has been substituted for liberal wank fests, Crazy Racists’ Theory is an excellent way to boost your career, as adding onto it with more inane things can help you show people that you are being productive, while proving to your superiors that you too are progressive.

Critic-Corralling : by associating critique with negative groups, dominant market actors and governments can corral groups that would be potential critics into compliant applauders. When we look at the way that fan-baiting works today in the entertainment industry, where ire is drummed up in offensive ways to lump undue attention onto new projects, we see critique of the films and shows at all labeled not only as dissent but implicit alignment with reactionary forces. This is best exemplified on the review site Rotten Tomatoes, where the audience score and the critics’ score are often completely different despite both groups watching the same movie. Its not that the critics enjoy a bad movie anymore than the audience, but rather that as figures more exposed to the public, these people have to protect their reputations and careers by avoiding association with bad groups. When entertainment studios engage in fan-baiting, where they do something overtly offensive in order to bait a franchise’s fans into disagreeing with the decision, before complaining about whatever -ism they can lump on the disgruntled fans, it puts critics in the tough spot of only applauding whatever is produced out of fear of being associated with whatever -ism has been portrayed as victimizing the product. Similar to the way that totalitarian states shut down non-compliant news personnel, disappearing them once they’ve stepped out of line, corporate America is happy to do the same by smearing and destroying the careers of those honest critics who acknowledge the poor quality of these products.

Cryptocucks : Crypto currency is a digital or virtual asset designed to work as a medium of exchange, which is never used as a medium of exchange, and is instead used as a speculative asset bought to be sold later for a higher price.. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not subject to government or financial institution control, created by anonymous groups in order to generate profits from the sale of these coins to other people. Cryptocucks are cucks who believe that they’ll get rich off cryptocurrency, arguing for the currency’s value to society on the basis that they’re a better medium of exchange, despite never being used for exchange outside buying illegal things on the dark web. When interacting with cryptocucks, never look at their car, their housing situation, or professional lives; these things apparently don’t matter to the truly wealthy in the crypto world.

Cybernetic Socialism : Cybernetic socialism is a form of government that uses computer-assisted systems to maintain social order. It relies on feedback loops and self-regulating mechanisms to keep society running smoothly. The core concepts behind cybernetic socialism are efficiency, control, and predictability. Cybernetic Socialism is built off the idea that using the power of modern technology and the economy-spanning size of state socialist governments, we can use cybernetics and information technology to rapidly economize the workplace, the production process, and so on, allowing for fast economic growth and more material benefits for the workers that live under such a system. Cybernetic Socialism, as seen in Chile, was intended to decentralize the power held by the state, allowing the workers to have a voice in what went on, while allowing computers to efficiently distribute resources. On ancient and primitive computers in the latter half of the 20th century, we saw enormous potential from applying cybernetics to socialism and in the coming years, it’s our hope that we can return to this golden age of unbiased allocations and rational decision-making.

Dialectical Materialism : well, it’s about time we got to this one, right? Dialectical Materialism is a philosophy coined by Marx and Engels that says that material conditions determine social and spiritual conditions. In addition to this, Dialectical Materialism says that emerging trends in the world were invincible, as difficult to fight as a body of water that rose with the tide, and that old trends are always fading, as difficult to hold onto as the water in a receding tide. Dialectical Materialism takes into account class interests, property relations, and more, and in the process of all of this, establishes scientific socialism. Dialectical Materialism, due to how grounded it is in reality, can be used to even predict things decades and centuries away, just by observing emerging trends and looking at how class interests would evolve as society does. Using his knowledge of class interests, Trotsky predicted perfectly how the Soviet Union would fall six decades before it ever did.

Dialectical Materialism Study Group : Dialectical Materialism Study Group is a philosophical group that looks at the world through the lens of Dialectical Materialism. This group studies how things change and develop over time, in relation to each other, and in response to external forces. It is our mission to increase class consciousness in America, while making dialectical materialism materials more accessible to people by converting existing works into more digestible mediums.

Fan-Baiting : the process by which entertainment studios bait fans into giving their products more attention by rewriting source materials to reflect on controversial and trending political topics. This often takes the form of substituting established characters’ features for those of a minority, with the intention being that by overwriting the key characteristics of a character in controversial ways, the fans that are disgruntled by these changes can be portrayed as racist or sexist or whatever other -ist the neoliberal establishment can think up. In portraying disagreement with the changes to the source material as any sort of -ist, it gives the studios much more leeway in modifying the source material to pump out the propaganda that their creators want to push, as well as allowing for the studios to deflect any criticism of their product. Fan-baiting, in drumming up attention for the film in news articles complaining about any negative and “discriminatory” backlash, allows content these studios produce to obtain far more attention than it would’ve otherwise for free, playing on peoples’ emotions. For these studios, the message becomes centered around pushing for social change by consuming this media, and we see this in films like Black Panther, which Disney alleged to be the first black superhero movie (which it obviously wasn’t), as well as in films like Wonder Woman, which DC alleged to be the first female superhero movie (which it obviously wasn’t.) For these studios, the aim is to rile up the fans in offensive ways to draw in undue attention, capitalize on identity politics by creating a victimizing narrative, and then forging a message of promoting social justice by consuming the studios’ content. Voltaire once said, “if G-d did not exist, he would have to be invented,” and for film studios eager to capitalize on inflamed tensions in America and abroad, the unspoken message goes, “if racism / sexism / -ism did not exist, it would have to be invented.”

Fauxletarian : people who take great pleasure in considering themselves part of the working class, despite not resembling people in the working class at all. Examples are widely varied, but typically lumpenproletarians who live in basements and failed PMCs who now work in pink-collar occupations make up the majority of the fauxletarians. Unlike actual proletarians, who have struggled to make ends meet, doing the best they can with the scant resources they were given, the fauxletarians are more often than not ne’er-do-wells raised in middle class or upper middle-class households who stumbled into Marxist circles and found an outlet for venting their frustrations and legitimizing their envy. George Orwell noted these fauxletarians demanded total ideological consistency from other radicals, and this explains the countless fractures inside the socialist camp, where petty politicking amidst small circles has divided the movement into countless impotent branches. For Fauxletarians, who share none of their interests with the actual proletarians, revolutionary struggle is more about career advancement and “winning” arguments. Fauxletarians regard Marx as a prophet, acting as missionaries and engaging in interfaith fighting with one another, while proletarian socialists simply regard equality, not the names or methods of movements, as their goal. Fauxletarians get the gulag.

Filter for Meaning : this concept is built on concepts covered in Jorge Borges’ The Library of Babel short story, in which a universe contained an infinite amount of 410-page books filled with randomized letters. You could find things like the date of your death in these books, as well as many more erroneous dates of your death in these books, but for the most part, the library would just be a compilation of completely unreadable and nonsensical material. While this hypothetical library contained every truth and lesson conceivable, without a filter for meaning, it was completely pointless to spend any time in this library. In Jorge Borges’ book, a group of humans who called themselves the purifiers would wander the LIbrary of Babel, condemning books they found meaningless to destruction. Taking note of this fictional group’s intentions, DMSG believes that a Surplus Statist society should filter literary and media content for meaning, discarding that which contains no lessons or benefits for its audiences. While this may seem totalitarian, the goal of filtering for meaning is to make media consumption more helpful for people, choosing pieces that impart more relevant and useful information while sidelining content that serves as little more than prolefeed. While it’s good for news audiences to learn about technological developments, educational programs, job postings, and economic updates, its distracting and counterproductive for those same audiences to spend that time instead learning about events like, “Man ‘High On Meth, Fights Off 15 Police Officers While Masturbating,’ and reading articles like “20 Slightly Incorrect Names for Food.”

Gender : an intangible word invented in the mid-20th century by John Money to entertain delusions and sexual fetishes. The harm, disorder, and disruption caused by conducting studies into this nonexistent and intangible topic have taken the west by hold, with many crossdressing fetishists enforcing their beliefs on wider society, empowered by the degenerate forces of liberal capitalism. At DMSG, we don’t believe in what many call gender roles, referring to these behaviors and duties instead as sexual obligations, in which men must behave and provide like men do, and women must behave and provide like women do.

Gibserals : a Gibseral is a member of the fauxletariat or lumpenproletariat who subsists off of government subsidies, affirmative action, and leniency in one form or another, that unquestioningly supports whatever political parties offer them handouts, social privileges, and legal immunity. A Gibseral often does not care about liberalism at all, being wholly in support of whatever hand offers to feed them the most, and instead subscribe to an unofficial political ideology known as Gibsmedatism. Due to the fact that liberals can morally justify buying votes by appealing to these moronic hordes through the doling out and wasting of tax dollars, Gibserals most often find themselves aligned with liberals.

Gibsmedatism : in capitalist republics, when the voting requirements have been reduced to the point that only age is the criteria for who can vote, fauxletarians and lumpenproletarians take on a greater role in advocating for their own class and social interests. Oftentimes, this results in coherent ideologies forming from the desires and wants of these lazy morons, built on an unofficial philosophy of rejecting hard work, embracing handouts, and acquiring victimhood through the distortion of political narratives. Gibsmedatism exists under both capitalism and democratic “socialism,” with its most ardent followers often reaping the generous rewards that the system bestows upon them for their immutable characteristics or political activism.

Goyslop : an antisemitic word with a great deal of comedic value, Goyslop refers to, according to Urban Dictionary, the absolute barebones nutrition required by proletarians to stay alive and continue working/wagecucking. Usually composed of overly processed food, soy filler, and artificial colors/sweeteners. An example of Goyslop in terms of actual food would be Beyond Meat, the pink slime used to create fillers in meat products, and anything from Taco Bell. Goyslop can also refer to degenerated forms of entertainment, as seen in pornographic videos, suggestive Tik Tok videos, and Marvel Movies. While we believe that the word is offensive and pretty ridiculous in its implications regarding what groups produce what, the actual stuff that Goyslop refers to is completely spot-on and it’d be better referred to as Proleslop in our eyes.

Historical Materialism : Historical materialism is an approach to understanding history that focuses on economic and material factors as the primary drivers of historical change. This means that how people make a living (e.g., through farming, manufacturing, or trade) and what resources they have available to them (e.g., land, labor, capital) are key determinants of the course of history. For example, Marxist historians would argue that the rise of capitalism was due primarily to the fact that it provided a more efficient way to produce goods and services than feudalism did. Historical materialism does not completely discount other factors such as ideology or culture; however, these are seen as being determined by economic conditions.

Identity Idiots : a term used to refer to people that are captivated by the artificial identities they’ve constructed for themselves. For women that pretend to be men and vice versa, critiquing these identities is seen as a form of violence by liberals, as it clashes with their conceptions of self in a very real way. When your identity is invested so heavily in immaterial things, words begin to hurt more than they would if you simply identified as an American plumber who plays football. The plumber knows he’s a plumber, no matter what you call him, but the trans”woman” knows he’s a man, no matter how other people pretend to see him. For this reason, identity idiots deserve to be mocked, because in doing so you fight against the artificial constructs of liberals and progressives. For identity idiots, the best treatment for their disorders is a healthy dose of reeducation and labor camps to sort them out and reintroduce them into society.

Industrial Bank : An industrial bank is a type of financial institution that provides various banking services to businesses. Industrial banks are usually established by large corporations or governments to serve their specific needs. The core concepts behind industrial banks are similar to those of other types of financial institutions: they provide deposit-taking services, make loans, and provide other financial products and services such as foreign exchange transactions and merchant banking activities. However, unlike traditional commercial banks, which tend to be universal in nature offering a wide range of products and services indiscriminately to both individuals and businesses; an industrial bank is much more focused. Its target market is typically limited exclusively (or almost so)to one particular industry or economic sector.

Judeo-Materialism : a belief among some DMSG members that we must combine dialectical materialism and its associated teachings with Judaism’s espoused values, in order to create a conservative, scholastic, and rational kernel in which atheism can develop. Judeo-Materialism, using evolutionary psychology and logic, aims to create a sect in which values that promote healthy lifestyles and develop rational and materialist mindsets. Unlike the nihilism espoused in post-religious atheism, Judeo-Materialism aims to create a coherent worldview in which people can retain their culture, appreciating it for its lessons, while discarding the rubbish of faith, embracing a rationality that is only further enabled and guided by the lessons and values in Judaism.

Keiretsu : A keiretsu is a wide-ranging business conglomerate found in Japan that typically consists of several affiliated companies, with each company owning stakes in the others. The concept behind keiretsus is one of interlocking relationships and mutual dependence, with the goal being to create stability and promote long-term planning within the group. In practice, this often results in decisions made based on what is best for the group as a whole rather than individual member companies.

Labor Theory of Value : The labor theory of value states that the value of a good or service is based on the amount of labor that has gone into producing it. The basic idea behind it is simple: if something takes more labor to produce, then it should be worth more than something that took less labor to produce. There are a few different variations of the labor theory of value, but they all boil down to this core concept that the amount of labor that goes into something determines its value. One complication with applying this theory though, is that not all types of work are equal – some jobs may be harder than others or require more skilled workers, while some objects are created through automated means that consume no human labor. This means that there isn’t always a direct relationship between how much work went into making something and its final value.

Marxism : Marxism is an economic and social system based on the principles of socialism, which was developed by Karl Marx. Socialism is a way of organizing society in which the means of production are owned by the community as a whole, rather than by private individuals. The core concepts behind Marxism include class conflict, exploitation, labor theory of value, and dialectical materialism.

Mechanicus of Marx : an inside joke at DMSG, in which some of our members combine concepts that the Mechanicus of Mars from Warhammer 40K espouses with Dialectical Materialism, to create a philosophy in which we worship technology, believe in a deterministic and materialist universe, and believe understanding science is the key to understanding both ourselves and the universe around us. The Mechanicus of Marx faction of DMSG supports the use of cybernetic augmentations and genetic modification, in order to keep humans compatible with and competent inside a post-scarcity society’s workforce.

Metasocialists : a philosophy that endorses the critical assessment of past and present systems, defying the stifling orthodoxy of traditional socialists. Metasocialists seeks to create a better society, elevating itself above political and economic incentives to create a better world for the proletarians. Metasocialists operate on the premise that we have the luxury of looking backwards, while earlier socialist movements had to operate almost entirely in the unknown, grasping with uncertainties and operating in an industrial age before information technology, where feedback was harder to obtain.

MGTOW : MGTOW is a movement for men who are tired of the BS that comes with dealing with women, which is understandable until you realize that, as long as the woman you’re seeing is attractive and not a total bitch, it’s worth the BS. MGTOW advocates for men to just go their own way and not deal with women at all. Despite having gone their own way, people that subscribe to the MGTOW ideology talk about women more than women, more than normal men, and usually hyper-fixate on the opposite sex due to their own insecurities. Similar to radical feminists, people that subscribe to MGTOW make great critiques about the opposite gender, bringing up the problems with child custody and divorce laws, but seem to forget that these are laws set up due to the widespread failings of men in the past. You can identify a MGTOW follower by their capitalist leanings, low income, aversion to the gym, and social ineptitude.

National Socialism : National socialism is a form of socialism that promotes the idea of a strong, centrally controlled government headed by a dictator. National socialism emphasizes national unity, and often includes elements of collectivism, statism, xenophobia, and aggressive militarism. Examples of national socialist regimes include China, North Korea, and Nazi Germany.

National Syndicalism : National syndicalism is a political movement that developed in the early 20th century as a reaction to the failure of capitalism and socialism to deliver economic and social justice. National syndicalists believed that workers should organize themselves into industrial unions, which would then seize control of factories, farms, mines, and transportation networks. Once in power, these union-run industries would be managed for the benefit of all workers, not just a privileged few. Core concepts behind national syndicalism include worker self-management, direct action (such as strikes and sabotage), and opposition to both capitalism and communism.

NAXALT : meaning “Not All X Are Like That,” NAXALT is a phrase typically used by liberal smoothbrains who don’t understand statistical averages and fail to appreciate the impact of these averages on the health of the society they live in. An example of this would be citing the welfare usage and crime rates of certain immigrant groups, with the common retort being to cite the lower crime rates and “positive contributions” that other immigrant groups sourced through the process of brain drain make to America. At the end of the day, people that use NAXALT-inspired arguments are either too dim to understand abstract concepts like statistical averages or want to engage in sophistry; either way, these people don’t deserve their speech privileges.

Nazism : “HURR DURR whatever liberals don’t like going by today’s standards.” Jokes aside, Nazism is an authoritarian ideology that puts certain ethnic groups above others, advocating for a race-based caste system in which certain privileged segments of the population enjoy benefits that those targeted by the Nazis do not get to enjoy. Those left disenfranchised by the regime often have to deal with great stigmas and burdens in a society that they contribute to, but which does not recognize their contributions. An interesting aspect of Nazism is that it’s typically formed within the lower IQ segments of a society that feel disadvantaged by higher IQ segments of a population, with Nazism beginning when the lower IQ group begins engaging in conspiracy theories to explain away their group’s apparent failings in a modern society that prizes intellectual capabilities above even hard work in many ways. Ashkenazi Jews have an IQ of 117 on average, while Germans have an IQ on average of 98, leading to Ashkenazi Jews having a sharp advantage in industries where physical labor isn’t prized. Jews in Germany were emancipated in the 1860s and within decades came to dominate the major industries of Germany due to their frugal and scholastic culture that was forged from restrictive laws that lead to their universal impoverishment for a millennia and their higher IQs that resulted from harrowing economic conditions that forced them into white-collar work. Interestingly, the groups in America that subscribe to the Democratic Party’s variant of Nazism are groups that also have lower IQs on average and hate a certain group that in general has a higher IQ, blaming all their failures on this more intelligent group, ironically substituting the Jews for other kinds of people in the name of equality. DMSG fundamentally disagrees with discriminating against people on any intangible characteristics, seeing Nazism as despicable, regardless of whether it discriminates against whites, Jews, blacks, and so on.

Pink Capitalism : Pink capitalism is a term used to describe the way in which some businesses and organizations appropriate and profit from the LGBT movement and its associated symbols and culture. For example, some companies have been criticized for using rainbow flags and other LGBT symbols in their marketing and advertising without any real commitment to advancing LGBT rights or equality. In some cases, such as with the popular confectionery company Jelly Belly, the use of rainbow colors has been seen as an attempt to cash in on the Pride movement without actually contributing anything meaningful to the cause of same-sex butt stuff, scissoring, and self-mutilation of genitalia.

Prevailing Bourgeois Interests : from the outset, there’s plenty of inefficiencies that arise throughout society that often make us question why things run the way they do. Sometimes, it seems that Dialectical Materialism would’ve mandated that conditions change to accommodate a more efficient way of doing things. For these instances, as seen in trade monopolies and other market flukes, we attribute these personalized anomalies to what we call prevailing bourgeois interests. The East India Company singlehandedly destroying the entirety of India, motivated by several individuals within the corporation, comes to mind as a good example of Prevailing Bourgeois Interests. Things don’t necessarily have to be rational or efficient throughout history, and most of the time changes are determined not by the willpower of the masses, which is immaterial to begin with, but rather by the Prevailing Bourgeois Interests in society.

Primordial Annihilator : the destruction of civilizations, belief systems, and more have rested on the clashing of interests between different classes in society. From the Soviet Union to Ancient Greece to modern America, all has withered away and stagnated under the harsh conditions brought about class warfare and the imposition of one bourgeois groups’ values and rules on others. Golden Ages that appear throughout history are anomalies in the world at large, bubbles isolated in time and space, simply places where a middle class can not only exist but continue to grow, allowing for proletarians to innovate in ways that no other institutions or groups can or want to. The Primordial Annihilator, in the eyes of DMSG, is the great game that never ends between conflicting forces in society, who through their self-interests are happy to smother the Golden Ages and impoverish the workers of any territories they have influence over. All empires die at the hands of the Primordial Annihilator, casualties in the never-ending conflicts of class interests and institutional power dynamics. The Primordial Annihilator is the base nature of man, an amalgamation of countless different beliefs and interests, made manifest by the scarcity inherent in material conditions.

Proudhon’s Theory of Value : Proudhon’s theory of value is built upon the idea that economic value is created by labor. This means that the more labor one puts into something, the more valuable it becomes. The core concepts behind this theory are commodities, use-value, and exchange-value. Commodities are things that can be bought and sold in an economy and have a specific price attached to them. Use-value is the practical usefulness of a commodity – what someone can actually do with it. Exchange-value is how much one commodity is worth relative to another; this value is determined by market forces such as supply and demand.

QUANGOs : A QUANGO (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization) is a type of public body that operates outside the traditional governmental framework. QUANGOs are often set up by governments to deliver services or manage programs in areas where state involvement isn’t efficient. They can also be used as a way of outsourcing delivery of services or managing controversial issues. In many cases, QUANGOs have more freedom than government departments to innovate and take risks. QUANGOS typically have their own boards made up of leaders from the private sector, academia, civil society etc., which provides them with independence from political interference. Funding for QUANGOS comes from both public and private sources; this allows them to maintain some degree of financial stability even when central government funding is cut back. There is evidence that when designed and managed effectively, they can be significant drivers of social change.

Radical Feminism : Radical feminism is a type of feminism that believes that society is structured in a way that is designed to oppress women. While laws and social safety nets have been constructed to ensure that unfortunate women aren’t ever as badly off as unfortunate men in the last century, Radical Feminists of today seem angrier at men than society in the modern age. More often than not, the material interests of men in a post-village, industrial society have aligned against the material interests of women, when it comes to things like home life, child rearing, and household chores. Radical Feminism, in its truest post-men but non-lesbian form, is more or less a rebellion against gender roles thrust on women, in a world where it’s not rewarding for women anymore to engage in these roles. In a world where material conditions shape social conditions, it’s unfortunate that more radical feminists haven’t looked into dialectical materialism and joined in the class struggle, where they could once again return value to their relationships with men, as well as provide a cushion upon which they could be mothers.

Reactionary : someone who is opposed to change, especially social change. People choose to subscribe to reactionary beliefs because they feel that change is a threat to their way of life. In many ways, change is a threat to livelihoods, relationships, and living situations for people, with change not being a strictly benevolent force in the universe for those who refuse to adapt. The problem with being reactionary is that, in trying to halt the inevitable changes that develop in society as the material conditions continue to develop, you relegate yourself increasingly to obsolescence both economically and socially. While the Amish have their own religious and practical reasons for not embracing technology as whole-heartedly as the rest of us, they at least have social and philosophical reasons for doing so. Reactionaries in the United States routinely justify poverty, religion, and other backwards things in a space-age society where we have access to enough resources to allow everyone to live how they want, in a society where with 10 minutes on Google you can look at the evolution of deities over time into what we know today as G-d, and so on. Reactionaries can’t be reasoned with very well, because their gripes are of an emotional and sentimental nature.

Redpill : the redpill is a holy object in DMSG, because we believe the redpills are just bits and pieces of truths discovered and disseminated by proletarians both online and offline. Unlike the artificial truths established by authoritative regimes, whether here in America or in China, the redpill gives people a tidbit of truth that lets people see through the facade created by the bourgeois forces to control the narratives that suit them. While the redpills varies in form from crime statistics to IQ differences to different economic systems, the truth is that every redpill is welcome at DMSG because the more redpills that we come into contact with, the more aware of the world around us we become. The redpill is the unhindered pursuit of knowledge by proletarians, that have no power to lose by spreading the truths that they know.

Singularity : in physics, a singularity refers to a point at which a function takes on an infinite value, especially in space–time where matter becomes infinitely dense, forming a black hole which sucks in everything around it into the land of unknowns and infinite possibilities. On the other hand, in the political and economic arena, what we think of as the singularity is a fabled time at which science and technology advance infinitely fast, ushering in an abundance of wealth and unicorns. Similar to our notion of what the real-world singularity known as a black hole is, the technological singularity also infinitely sucks but in a conceptual way, where the idea ignores resource constraints, technological disruptions hampering the economy, and the possibility of humans losing control of powerful technologies that they can’t understand. Another problem with the idea behind the technological singularity is that it gives rise to utopian fantasies, while creating a feeling of inevitability in people, that encourages them to wait for an economic salvation that never arrives. If the technological singularity were to happen right now, with the material shortages, skilled labor shortages, and trade wars present in our world today, there’s a decent chance that virtually none of this newfound knowledge would ever be implemented outside unproductive and destructive realms like hacking. I say this because due to the ease at which Quantum Computers can break through encryptions, as well as the dependence that the modern world has on pre-existing digital technologies, society could break down in short order well before we could do anything worthwhile as governments began inevitably using omnipotent hacking tools. While past superweapons like nuclear armaments have been used sparingly due to the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction, espionage and hacking has gone on unabated for decades between hostile nuclear powers and likely won’t stop with the introduction of incredibly potent technologies. In order to survive any supposed technological singularity, humanity would most likely have to make the jump to a global and interconnected socialism, where the material incentives to abuse any such technologies were drastically reduced and controlled.

Showa Statism : Showa Statism is a political ideology that developed in Japan during the Showa period. It is based on the idea of a strong central government that is capable of controlling the economy and society. Showa Statism also advocates for a strong military and a proud nation. Showa Statism allowed Japan to experience an average GDP growth of 9% a year, propelling it from a feudalistic nation into a powerful industrial empire that spanned across the Pacific and East Asia.

Socialism : There is no single definition of socialism, but socialism generally refers to an economic and political system in which society is organized around collectivist principles, with the government owning or controlling key industries and resources. Socialism has been seen as an end in of itself by some political factions, as well as a transitional state for Marxist ideologies who saw it as a means by which they could transition society into a communist one. Socialism can be seen in Western market economies, where the government nationalizes industries such as student loans and healthcare, with varying levels of success and quality of service.

Soyim : the term that DMSG uses for non-members, who subscribe to belief systems and ideological systems propagated by bourgeois forces and corrupt governments. Examples of Soyim can be found virtually everywhere, while the beliefs of Soyim vary greatly by jurisdiction, cultural background, religious affiliation, and so on. The overriding characteristic of Soyim is the concession of their critical thinking skills in return for comforting world views created by the powers that be, that trick these people into thinking along lines that align with the interests of the propagators of these narratives. Not all non-members of DMSG are recognized as Soyim, with Broletarians that demonstrate the capacity to think critically – even if it’s not to our liking or in ways that align with our own thoughts – being exempted from being included in this term. However, due to the fact that comforting world views and the organizations that propagate them are almost always materially, emotionally, and socially better for people to embrace, as otherwise vulnerable and depressed agents in the systems that be, DMSG doesn’t think of all the Soyim as irrational. The Soyim, to summarize it, are most often either already demoralized to the point of apathy, if they’re smart enough, or fanatical to the point of unquestioning adherence, if they’re dumb enough. The latter get the gulag.

Stalinism : the natural evolution from Marxist-Leninism in a bureaucratic socialist environment, in which more grounded and materialistic socialists from proletarian backgrounds usurp power from the bourgeois Bolsheviks who formerly ran the party. Stalinism involves these proletarians discarding the progressive values of their former bourgeois masters in favor of what simply works for the majority, in a process that DMSG refers to as Aggregate Conservatism. Stalinism involves rapid industrialization through the use of GOSPLAN and the Feldman model, as well as purges of potential dissidents and the utilization of labor camps. Stalinism, due to its poor incentive programs and worse staffing system, caused a great deal of misinformation to funnel up through the chain of command and created a great deal of inefficiencies, despite experiencing an average economic growth of 7%. Due to the fact that state planners were entirely political appointees, more often than not unrealistic production targets were set for factory planners to meet, and factory planners were incentivized to falsify output information in order to save their heads, as well as strive to request as many resource and manpower inputs as possible to respond to higher production targets in the future. This resulted in the Stalinist Soviet Union having a worker efficiency at production facilities that was 50% what their Western counterparts had, primarily because there was no incentive to cut down on manpower that could be needed later. Stalinism led to the formation of apparatchiks that would later dissolve the Soviet Union and sell off the state’s assets to one another, thereby spawning the Russian oligarchs that we hear so much about today.

Strasserism : an alternative to the private property-friendly National Socialism that Hitler advocated for, Strasserism endorsed state ownership of the means of production, as well as the creation of consumer unions to provide customer feedback to the state. Strasserism supported the outright overthrow of capitalism and constituted the left-wing of the Nazi party in Germany. Leading Strasserists were killed off in the Night of the Long Knives, due to their perceived threat to Hitler’s rule and Germany’s bourgeois who had aligned themselves with Hitler. Strasserism, in endorsing economic antisemitism and opining that Jews were simply the masters of capitalism, rather than an antagonistic force that was corrupting Germany, would be proven decades later by IQ studies. Strasserism today primarily lives on in hardline socialist circles, where people accuse each other of being Strasserists all the time.

Subsocialism : prototypes of socialism that arose during crises of capitalism, but still existed during the Age of Capitalism. Subsocialism typically espouses one-party dictatorships and caused a great deal of harm. Due to the fact that these Subsocialist prototypes arose during the height of capitalism, these regimes had to take great pains to ensure that they remained competitive militarily with their capitalist rivals. This could only be done through brutal methods of economic extraction, carried out on the populations enslaved by these regimes. Subsocialists today are people who have not outgrown these ideologies, often being wannabe-dictators themselves, endorsing mass murder to achieve the goals that they want, advocating for the centralization of power, and in general being disgusting subhumans.

Syndicalism : Syndicalism is a type of economic system in which workers’ organizations own and operate the means of production. In a syndicalist society, there would be no private ownership of businesses or property; instead, everything would be owned collectively by the people who work there. The key concepts behind syndicalism are worker autonomy and control, workplace democracy, and solidarity. Syndicalism has allowed for capitalism to remain in a world beset by different socialist movements, as it allowed for workers to maintain a level of comfort that curtailed revolution. While syndicalism has failed to revolutionize an economy, with even Iceland being largely capitalist still despite its workforce being 91% unionized, DMSG believes that any truly socialist and free society requires syndicalism to function. This is because syndicalism guarantees the material rights of its members, while ensuring that through its coordination of the working class, the proletarians always have a voice in politics. While syndicalism cannot accomplish what its hopes to on its own, neither can state socialism accomplish what it hopes to on its own, hence why DMSG has saught to combine concepts of both into surplus statism.

Tankies : to sum it up succinctly, tankies are often basement-dwelling retards with no insight into how the Soviet Union actually was for workers, with no idea how it ran, and with no idea about how Leninism was endlessly revised to accommodate the ideals of whichever group that had control of the politburos at any given time. Tankies often can be found simping for capitalist Russia, Strasserist North Korea, and National Socialist China, while condemning America, Israel, and any other place other progressives hate. Tankies, in the eyes of DMSG, deserve the labor camps they demand for everyone else.

Year Forty-Two : taking inspiration from Year Zero, an idea put into practice by Pol Pot, Year Forty-Two is a concept developed by DMSG that highlights capitalism’s tendency to rewrite historical narratives out of political and economic convenience. While Year Zero implied a new time, with no prior history, Year Forty-Two implies a time in which history is whatever you want it to be, owing to the asterisk (ASCII 42) being used in an encoding scheme to mean, “whatever you want it to be.” Year Forty-Two highlights the trend of capitalist countries to create false versions of history that allow people to be easily hooked on ideas and beliefs, with the goal of dissolving class consciousness, pitting people against each other, and demonizing alternatives to the dominant groups and industries in society. While the idea behind Year Zero sought to destroy history and all relics of the past, the idea behind Year Forty-Two is to simply twist and pervert history and relics of the past, commodifying them in order to be palatable to capitalisms’ proletarians, while justifying and cementing bourgeois rule.

Year Zero : an idea put into practice by Pol Pot in Democratic Kampuchea that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and that a new revolutionary culture must replace it starting from scratch. In this sense, all of the history of a nation or a people before Year Zero would be largely deemed irrelevant, because it would ideally be purged and replaced from the ground up. DMSG is strongly opposed to the idea of Year Zero, as the erasure of history threatens the accuracy and advancement of dialectical and historical materialism. In addition to this, DMSG strongly opposes the erasure of culture and traditions, because for all of the inherent backwardness to be found in these relics of the past, they contribute to a diversity in thought and create flavors of experience outside the scope of modern industrial society, that allow us to look back on how we’ve progressed and how we can improve.

Zionism : an ideology in which Jews want to restore their homeland to its former glory. Zionists have created a country within the territories of their ancestral homeland, reforesting the desolate deserts and repopulating the ruins of long-abandoned cities. Zionists originally endorsed communism in their early years, but due to the antisemitism in the Marxist-Leninist community, were never accepted into the Second-World clique of communist countries. Since then, Israel has fended off attacks by racist Arab Imperialists again and again, surrounded on every side by hostile borders, and in the meantime have rapidly expanded their population, military, and economy to the point that if it wasn’t for the international community’s squeamishness, Israel would have stomped its Arab neighbors rightfully into oblivion. Israel today has an economy in the Top 20 of nations globally, while having the highest birth rate in the Developed World by a very significant margin, and is only growing stronger year by year. While DMSG has Zionist members, we make a point of not supporting Israel or any of its associates financially. DMSG is purely about restoring Israel’s greatest ally, America, to its former glory and tacitly admits that, due to Israel’s political manipulations within America governance, that this is counter to Israel’s interests.

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