Sunday, September 17, 2023

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Membership inquiries:  Dialectical Materialism Study Group (DMSG) does not actively seek out applicants and intends to keep its membership lower than twenty people currently. DMSG is receptive to applications, provided they are submitted by employed proletarians of sound mind and body. DMSG regards proletarians as people who are employed in careers that they chose to enter of their own accord, who accepted their working-class status as soon as they left high school and acted in a manner suitable to that worldview. In this vein, we consider tradesmen, engineers, accountants, and warehouse workers to be true proletarians, while people who are in or seem to have attempted to get in post-work PMC careers are not regarded as proletarians. We’re looking for individuals who are willing to devote several hours of volunteer work a week to DMSG, and if the individual chooses to donate tax-deductible tithes to us, that is appreciated as well. Contact us on Wire, searching up and sending a request to @linelad to get in contact with us.

Collaboration Inquiries: Dialectical Materialism Study Group (DMSG) is happy to collaborate with other likeminded groups, provided they aren’t designated in their founding documents as being political organizations. DMSG is currently looking to work with groups in second-world countries, that are composed of likeminded proletarians, to create communes and non-profit business enterprises to provide financial support for similar organizations abroad. Applications to work with us would require listing the work histories and educational backgrounds of the people in charge of the respective organization, in order to begin a vetting process to ensure that they are proper proletarians that have the same mission as us. DMSG is only interested in collaborating with groups in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northeast Asia, and South America.


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