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Our Goal

Dialectical Materialism Study Group (DMSG) is dedicated to studying and disseminating dialectical materialism. In that vein, we seek to improve upon the material and make it more easily understood by proletarians. The problem with the large majority of philosophy is that it is essentially unintelligible outside academic circles, and Dialectical Materialism is no different in that way currently. When Marx and Engels worked on this philosophy, they published the materials within small academic journals mainly with small readerships, and DMSG believes modern workers can’t be expected to make the effort of decoding any of that. DMSG seeks to create simplified reading materials, that convey the same content as the original works, while being more available for mass-consumption.

Adding onto this, DMSG seeks to create a new model of metaphysics, to further expand and refine socialist discourse. We believe that in increasing the breadth, scope, and nuance of Dialectical Materialism, we can increase the ways that socialists can approach modern problems. DMSG sees the stagnant socialist community of today, populated by parrots that repeat tired mantras and phrases, as being a low point in the history of labor activism. Issues such as class are not so easily solved by categorizing people into lumpenproletarians, proletarians, and bourgeois. Systems that emerged from Marxist theory, like Marxism-Leninism and Titoism, were constrained by the incomplete metaphysical model of Dialectical Materialism at the time of their implementation. DMSG believes that, due to the totalitarian nature of these regimes, that changes and adaptions in the metaphysical models could never take place, and in creating a new framework, we seek to create a more adaptable system that could change in tandem with the world.

DMSG desires to create organizational and economic models, based on the recognition of class-interests surviving in post-property societies, that embrace technocracy, workplace democracy, and feedback systems. The top-down models of the past, as well as their anarchic counterparts, DMSG views as too absolutist and too prone to abuse to implement any type of socialism that normal people would enjoy living under. In this vein, DMSG does engage in an iteration of third-worldism called second-worldism, in order to test out business models, using the feedback to redesign our own systems, and provide fulfilling careers for likeminded people. DMSG does this by contributing seed money to establish communes and retaining a say in how the business is run. DMSG has several workers involved in business, accounting, and supply chain, so we often provide solid frameworks through which sponsored communes can expand. We’re currently aiming to mainly work with people from second-world, developed countries in Eastern Europe, Northeast Asia, and South America. Currently, DMSG is conducting outreach to find groups abroad that we find promising for collaboration with.

*Disclaimer : Everything on this website is either satirical or religious, and as such, should either not be taken seriously or should be treated with the same respect you’d give any other religious text. As a religious organization, we are happy to pursue lawsuits and charge people with hate crimes should this organization or its members become targets of discrimination and persecution. As a satirical organization, in addition to our religious nature, our content falls under the precedent set in Hustler v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988), that a parody, which no reasonable person expects to be true, is protected free speech. As the reader, in our religion we believe it is up to you to exercise the discretion to distinguish between what is satirical and what is true on this website. If you believe something is not what a reasonable person expects to be true, then assume it is satirical material, and vice versa. Either way, the law affords us protection. We will push these points regarding legal protections in any setting to ensure the liberty and continued prosperity of our members.

*Disclaimer : the founder of this organization vehemently disagrees with everything said on this website. Sadly, his entire online presence has been hijacked by hackers – probably -. This hijacking includes but is not limited to: his messages, his emails, his posts, his financial transaction history, and so on. Assume that all connections between the founder and this website, as well as any other outlets of the organization, are not voluntary. Assume that the founder has taken a break from all digital technologies to focus on work and school, not being aware of anything that happens on this site at all.

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